steamed crumpets with fried eggs, hashed beef steak onion and potato

The temperature is low. The batter similar to pancake batter, so a very thick pancake. To speed cooking the pan is covered and water drizzled onto the pan. This steams up the entire inside cooking the sides and top equally while reducing heat of the pan by half to 200℉.  

One crumpet divided as an English muffin.

Hash is thinly sliced London Broil reduced to dices, onion, and baked potato reheated with its skin that turned out to be the best part. A few seasonings, chipotle powder sprinkled on top of the eggs. 

butternut squash and leek soup, cheese crackers

This is why the vegetables are roasted first.

Odds and ends of chicken parts, how macabre, I'm pleased to have them out of the freezer. I have chicken broth but I want to get rid of these. Pressure pot makes quick work of it.

Here is where the Cuisinart shines, just load it up and let it run for five minutes but I did not drag out that heavy thing. The immersion blender does a less thorough job of it due to all the fiber to process and the volume. I don't care about the mixture being smooth as silk. I don't mind if some of the fibers remain. 

Taste-tested this and decided it needs substantial increased body, the type that butter provides.

And dry vermouth.

This changed the delightful butternut squash sweetness to noticeably less. Sweetness returned with mere teaspoons of brown sugar.

Crackers turn out damp like bread. They're returned to the oven and reheated but not baked and cooled in series repeatedly (three times) until they are completely dry, light, and crisp. 

My oyster crackers are square and they're cheese-flavored. 

One pint of soup.

Two tablespoons heavy cream drizzled around.

Cinnamon is great but it discolors the soup. It's good sprinkled on top. So is nutmeg. Chile flakes would be good, any kind of chile powder. The natural taste is sweet, the mixture can accept any number of serious adjustments. I was considering parsnips, carrots, and celery, and this time the full range of herbs is omitted. The rest, the bulk of it, can be changed to anything with tomato, avocado, tahini, peanut butter, fennel, chicken, bacon or ham, cilantro, mint, basil, cheese, citrus, anything

asparagus salad

With London broil, oh yeah, I'm going to eat the whole thing. Eventually.

Obviously they're boiled or steamed first. This ice bath is to arrest the cooking and to shock the chlorophyll to dark green and hold that delicious color. If you don't it turns a less attractive green. This is ARTS! 

1/2 teaspoon sugar.

The vinaigrette is taste-tested and found wanting. Too much lemon. 1/3 dumped out, replaced with oil, adjusted with body-imparting anchovy and heat-imparting chile flakes and with purple onion.

This is it right here. This should be the picture on top but it's shown with a tomato instead. 

That happened at the store where I got this idea. The asparagus looked okay on its own and next to the tomato salad looked okay on its own. I told the guy they'd look a lot better together. He laughed and said, "Yeah." 

I realized later I could have bought both and mixed them myself.

Extra potatoes were baked a few days ago for London broil. All the potatoes are small. Three are refrigerated and they turn into something else. They' dry and not so good by themselves. One potato is opened up. It's cracked throughout. Broken to pieces and reheated in the microwave for one minute so the crystallized starches are dissolved, moisture spread throughout by a moment of steam heating through the potato pieces making them easier to accept the marinade in the bowl. The potato is tossed all around. Now the asparagus salad has potato and no tomato, although that too can still be added again. This serving has chunks of cheese. It's versatile.

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