Tuna sashimi

1) Wasabi powder
2) Water
3) Soy sauce
4) Mirin

Tuna steak. Not sushi grade.

Short grain rice.

Burger Fi, chile cheese dog, jalapeño burger, chocolate milk shake

The hotdog is burnt with chile and cheese pouring out of the container. It's a mess

The fries are undercooked.

The milkshake is too thick to suck through a very thick straw until it melts. 

Will I go back? 

Of course!

The hamburger has hits of jalapeño throughout. 

The people there are sweet as can be. Both the workers and the customers.

I walk past the large windows to get to the front door. I could go in the exit door and walk through the restaurant to the counter, but I'd rather do it the right way, the long way around.

As I approach the front door two large young male customers are watching me through the glass door.

One literally jumps up from his table nearest the door and rushes forward to open it from the inside. For me.

He is about three inches taller than myself. I am six feet tall and wearing boots. He is heavier than me. And at least half my age. As I walk past him holding open the door I say, "Thank you." 

He says, "Nice shirt." 

I don't know why the pattern on this shirt gets so much attention, but it does. At first I thought it was ASL fingerspelling configurations, but they are not. Young people notice this shirt. This is the third time in a few weeks they've said so. And I don't go out that much. These are very short walking trips, brief episodes.

There are only three signs repeated. An orange "10," the hitchhikers thumb, a green "Y," the Hawaiian shaka "hang loose" sign, and silver "F" or "3," the Chef Boyardee "Ok" sign. So you could make this shirt easily by hand printing a dark blue with ink stamps. 

Cut out the unwanted portions. 

The hieroglyph ones look good too. 

The emoji stamps are cute.

So then in there at Burger Fi they hand you an electronic buzzer to tell you when to come up and get your order. But whenever I go in there they tell me to find a place to sit and they bring my order to me. 

Now, this is 1/2 a block from my apartment. In that short distance and  brief period I have two instances of young people being acutely situationally aware and outwardly considerate toward me. I cannot overstate the how immediate and personal this is. The grace extended to me every moment of my interaction around here is quite impressive. By young people 1/2 or 1/3 my age. Every single time I step out. And the amazing thing is I can do all these things myself. 

Macaroni and cheese, bacon and jalapeño.

There is parmigiano reggiano, Maytag bleu, Tillamook cheddar, and crap Kraft pre-shredded mozzarella. 

The bacon is from the deli that you buy separately. The jalapeños are tinned and a little bit gross. 

A béchamel is made from the bacon grease and additional butter and lifted off and brought together with vermouth and then milk. 

The cheese is added off the heat so that it doesn't separate.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

This was a million dollars but it will be a few meals.


More ARTS!

They're closing down.

The one that was nearby is now a Dunk'n Donuts.

I looked at the menu for drive through and I was all, wtf?

Then I drove down Broadway all the way through Englewood  and all the way though Littleton and didn't see another KFC where I knew they used to be. 

I did see a Chick Fil A but of course they are closed on Sunday.

On account of them being Christian and because after God created the universe he said on Sunday, "Let there be rest" and these Christian outfits take that seriously. 

For obeying God's ancient law is more important to them than milking the capitalist system for all that it's worth.

Ak! Talk to the hand. There will be no discussing the matter.

So I drove way, way, way, way, way, way, way, farther than I need to in order to get to chicken because now my mind is fixed on getting to a KFC.

It's a test. 

To see why they're being put out of business around here.

The lad was a nice young Latino. A bit overweight. Somewhat a nerd. Very engaging conversationally. They give you a regular size drink with the deal but I needed a large. He fronted me a large. 

Then upon leaving two roughneck types stopped short and held open the door, at the exact moment the young KFC man had hustled in front of the counter and offered to take my bag. I was holding two canes in one hand and the large bag in the other. Apparently I look worse than I feel, because in that moment I had the inside worker and two outside customers assisting me to get through the door and get the bag into my truck.

Understand, I can do these things myself. I am not helpless.

Young people of all types, all ages and races, do have social training and they do have intuition and they have situational awareness. All this is proven to me directly and personally every single day.

God bless you all.

Despite their own hardships, their own being short on cash, their own crap employment that undervalues their contribution, their own overarching personal challenges, they still take a moment to give aid to me. This is most noticeable at doors.

And steps. 

cheddar cheese and egg sandwich on homemade bread

It's a tiny thing. The bread is toasted only on one side. Not at all like the extravagant cheese sandwich with cheese toasted on the outside and melted on the inside. This is only a snack. 

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