Tater tots

Man, these are good. Better than I thought they would be. I had Tater tots once and they were all the eh. I never bought any that I recall. Not my sort of thing. But these are outstanding. They're like gnocchi without the egg. The flavor that they have is the flavor you put into them. I used grated onion and garlic.

The idea is same as with gnocchi, to use as little flour as possible. For these three small potatoes I used two tablespoons of flour. 

bacon and egg sandwich with cheese and sautéed onion and sauerkraut

On homemade bread, of course. Duh.


Another example of yōshoku, western-influenced Japanese food, this one based on French-style omelet with fried rice, thus omu + rice.

Often served with catsup for sauce. In this Buzzfeed video, where I got the idea, the chef uses a reduced veal stock, undoubtedly flavored with a few of the 7 magical Asian flavor ingredients. We can get a similar thing by reducing commercial beef broth to half and adding a few ingredients from the list. 

I used commercial tomato soup with roasted red pepper because that's what I like. It goes into both the fried rice and on top of the omelet.

Pepperoni pizza

With mushrooms, 2 types, olives and tinned jalapeño. The pepperoni is cut distressingly thin so the slices rolled up into little tubes.

The bread is made with semolina and bread flour and it has olive oil in it. That produces a cracker-like crust.

You know, I've never managed to make the same pizza twice. I'm not sure I'm capable.

The fresh jalapeños are not hot so tinned jalapeños are taking their place. Nearly this entire tin was used and that made just the right amount of capsaicin heat. All the flavors come through nicely, two separate cheeses are both tasted, both mushroom types are tasted separately, the salty olives punch through, the sweet onion is actually tasted. The pepperoni is tasted as separate entity, whereas they would not were they kept as thin slices. The oil they released is absorbed by the mushrooms by different degrees, so each separate mushroom tasted slightly different from the others by the amount of oil the slice absorbed. I like this pizza a lot. It's actually better than any pizza that I've ever bought even though I learned by copying them.

13" Pullman loaf, tuna salad sandwich

I am really digging this pan.

The trick for 13" pan is start with 1+2/3 cup liquid, water, scalded milk, combination of those, whatever. 

This has potato flakes processed to powder, 3/4 stick of butter and honey. 

5 Cups flour. I used 4.5 scooped cups. 

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