Best meatballs yet but I'm fairly certain you will not like them. Too mushy for you. For me, their flavor is outstanding and their texture is perfect. Although, I'll admit they can be more firm. I did something different.

I ran a small amount of oatmeal through the coffee mill turning it to powder then heated it with water the usual way. With the eggs and all the rest the mixture did not hold up so  panko breadcrumbs is added until the meat mixture stiffens sufficiently to form balls. All that put slightly more bread than wanted. And I used too much water to precook the oatmeal. If not then the oatmeal will absorb water to nearly three times its mass. Less than 1/4 cup oatmeal was used. 

The flavor is catsup with generous anchovy paste and with Worcestershire sauce that has its own anchovy already included. Chile flakes and cooked preshrunk onion bits. 

Oh, and Parmesan cheese.

I ate one little sample. That one tiny meatball demanded another so I ate two. Those two were so incredibly delicious they demanded another so I ate three the whole time thinking, well there goes your dinner CHANGE OF PLANS, then with newfound sense of abandon I ate a fourth and a fifth. These meatballs worked out very well. I have another whole package of this ground beef I might just have to do this all over again. Because I never did get to the sauce or to the proper meal that I had in mind. 

sirloin, mustard greens, baked potato

The second half of a sirloin roast shown earlier sliced thickly.

* soy sauce
* Worcestershire sauce
* dry mustard
* sherry vinegar
* sugar

Pecans are heating by carryover heat as the steak slices rest off the burner. 

* 3 strips thick bacon
* fennel seed
* salt and pepper
* sherry vinegar
* sugar

I'm not hungry. Not one bit. Perfectly satisfied. But I'm eating all this anyway, extra food on purpose in the gallant effort to fill out these 30 inch waist jeans. Without wearing t-shirt and regular shirt and a sweater layered and tucked in. I'm tired of my thinnest pants being loose, tired of there being a gap. The pants gap invites people inserting their hands. And that hand sticking is all well and good were it not for cold hands. So, extra food. I'm uncomfortably full. Eating without actually being hungry, I honestly don't know how people do this.

pasta in cream sauce, mushrooms and broccoli

* One egg and another egg yolk and one half egg shell of water.
* Three rounded tablespoons semolina flour
* Three rounded tablespoons of all purpose flour
* One long drizzle of olive oil

Singed in a pan with generous butter and salt then steamed until done.

* heavy cream
* chile flakes
* dry mustard
* nutmeg
* black pepper
* salt

Grated Parmesan cheese.  

sweet potato with pecans and whipped cream

Brown sugar.


Whipped cream.


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