scratch breakfast, double yolk egg, ham, chicken poblano, potato and masa polenta

Scrapped together breakfast, ham, near the end of it chipping pieces away from the bone, potato and masa from yesterday this time as potato/masa polenta, half a poblano chile with chicken breast. 

deep fried potato and masa sticks

One part masa harina (treated corn meal), one part hot water, mixes instantly.

The potato riced. 

Even layer of mixed riced potato and masa smashed flatly.

chicken breast with roasted poblano, Spanish rice

What? If I knew it was 50% less fat then I wouldn't have bought it. 

dark and white chocolate chip cookies

Have you ever seen cookies made by just dumping things in?

Dumping is a form of measuring.

And following cellular memory like a child down a park lane is the same thing as adhering to printed recipe.

I was munching on these two bags of chips in the pantry like a mouse and I thought, you know what, I better use these chocolate chips for something before they're gone. That's why the bags are so wrinkly.  

I pinched some salt from a box and sprinkled it in the dough but didn't show it. You know, when you have a lot of sugar like this then you must have some salt in there too or else it turns out too one-dimensionally saccharine. Salt gives the whole thing a boost.

Baking soda does more than make things rise when mixed with an acid. It keeps baked things soft. For softer cookies then more baking soda. For crisper cookies such as to dip in milk, coffee, Ovaltine, what have you, then less baking soda. It is not used as a leaven  for this cookie, there is no coacting acid for that, rather, baking soda is used to adjust pH and to affect the behavior of flour and browning. Try a little bit of dough without baking soda and see the difference between them for yourself. The difference is not apparent until completely cooled.

This time I creamed the sugar into the egg instead of into the butter, then added softened butter to that. The result of doing this out of order from printed recipes, while adding flour in increments was the softest cookie dough I ever stirred. I kept adding flour and it kept being soft and luxurious until the dough stiffened but it was a little bit sad having to keep going bit by bit to make such beautiful silky dough more dry stiff and coarse. 

angelhair pasta with ham and poached egg

A carbonara of sorts although there is no carbon, no charcoal, no coal miners involved. And at the last critical moment I remembered the whole idea arose tonight from wanting an egg with the pasta and when it came down to putting it together I nearly forgot the egg. The egg makes it. 

How is it done with minimal fuss? The pasta is boiled in generous salted water and lifted out directly into the pan with the sauce and the ham and the peas. The used water is cloudy with starch and without letting it cool vinegar of any type is poured in. I like to use a lot but a tablespoonful should do. The egg is already cracked open into a bowl and waiting for the moment to be tipped into the settled simmering water. The water need only be 150℉. Egg cooks well under boiling temperature. Most of the white is discarded in favor of the little yellow yolk packet. The vinegar tightens the egg albumen causing it to pull into itself otherwise the white will diffuse throughout the water. 

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