ham and tomato on whole wheat Denver Power sourdough bread

Ham cut thickly at the deli.

"This thick?"


"This thick?"


"This thick?"


"This thick?"


"This thick?

"What are you CRAZY? THAT'S TOO THICK!" 

cured pork and egg sandwich

The porks was sold as bacon but not in strips. It comes in thick slabs. 

The bacon and egg are less significant than the bread. We tend to think of bread as neutral material holding the sandwich filling together, it could be pita or tortilla, or anything, but not so with this impressive sourdough. Soon as I'm done I want more. My mind goes to alternate toppings. 

Why do sourdough aficionados insist that sourdough is better for you?

It has to do with the rapidity by which the carbohydrates in grains are converted to sugars and readily stored in the body as fat, survival mechanism deposits resistant to withdrawal. White bread is like eating sugar. Whole grains a little bit slower.

The living organisms in sourdough actually consume the dough. Like all fermented foods, the digestion is given a head-start. The organisms have already broken down a lot of the starches and consumed the sugar themselves. Like miso, it's more easily digested and with less simple sugar converted to fat. 

Tomato on whole wheat Denver Power sourdough bread

This right here is award winning flavor and I mean it. 

massive fruit salad

Conclusion: Needs lime and salt.

Hamburger on whole wheat sourdough bread

Utterly unique. That's all I can say about it.

I have 13 inches of this bread and that is to much. And I feel guilty sitting up here with the most unique and delicious bread in the world. Hogging  it all to myself. So I sliced off hearty thick slices and put them in sandwich bags, and large chunks of butter in other sandwich bags, and sea salt because  the butter is unsalted and went around here and distributed them. And blew people's minds. Ka-Blam! Brains all over the place. It's from a very powerful Denver starter. The stuff is amazing. Extremely strong pleasant flavor with no fermentation period. And fast-acting besides. Along with wheat that was already toasted for malting intended for beer. So malt flavor imparted to each wheat grain. When you examine the grain closely you see that some of the grain is toasted more than the others. It's all good. Very good tasting as grain. 

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