beans, rice, pene

I'm clearing out the pantry. And the refrigerator and freezer. And the cabinets. 

potato pancakes, applewood bacon, maple syrup

The potatoes have two types of chiles, pickled jalapeƱos and dried Hatch, and a lot of horseradish and grated Parmigiano. The combative strong flavors are blanketed by the starchy potato.

Applewood bacon and maple syrup is an insanely good flavor combination. The syrup's gentle sweetness and its flavor separate and elevate and sharpen the smoke flavor in the bacon to an acute intensity so that it seemingly cuts the mouth's palate aggressively while the chile peppers sit by tamed and innocent.

bbq beef short rib, mashed potato, roasted red bell pepper and tomato soup

I didn't so much cook dinner tonight as assemble it.

The potatoes have hot chile flakes and horseradish mixed with them.

While the potatoes themselves are some kind of flake version in a box. 

Turns out, they happen to be very good. Especially with hot red pepper flakes and horseradish sauce mixed in.

The ribs are deboned and honey poured over them before being reheated.

beef short ribs, seasoned rice

Ribs cooked at Tony's Market, frozen, then I had only thaw and re-heat them.

Rice is cooked a different way.

* soaked in cold water for thirty minutes
* steamed for 13 minutes
* 2 X 2 inch piece of kombu included with the steaming water
* 1/2 teaspoon sugar included with the steaming water
* 1/2 teaspoon rice vinegar included with the steaming water

spaghetti with spices, whole wheat dinner rolls

Olive oil is heated in a pan with salt and pepper and that right there would be great sauce.

Instead, a lot of other spices are added to the oil that it amounts to an American curry.

Hamburger meat is fried in the oil and slathered with all the spices like a sausage would be.

Pasta water is added and, bam, there's your sauce.

Leftover tomato sauce from a tin was added.  

Bread made the usual careless way except with more whole wheat flour than usual this time. Because I'm almost out of all purpose flour. They're a bit dense.

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