huevos rancheros, papas

If planted, these seeds will grow.

3X water or chicken broth.

Microwaved in pulses.

Microwaved 4 minutes, cut, fried in olive oil. The waxy potato fries better than starch potato.

pozole, green pork chile with hominy

These tinned tomatillos are not good. There were fresh ones at the store still in their paper, I should have bought those.

Cherry Garcia style ice cream

I used: 

*two cups of cream
*two cups of whole milk heated with *1 cup sugar

The milk is heated to dissolve the sugar 

*1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
*1/4 teaspoon salt. 

No egg. I did not want a frozen custard this time.

Next time I'll do 3 cups cream / 1 cup whole milk. That would be 2 cups cream / 2 cups half and half. Real Cherry Garcia is a bit heavier and denser than this. 

I almost used Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk, that would be the sugar and milk but I didn't want the milk that condensed and I prefer it fresh not tinned.

A tablespoon of corn syrup to prevent formation of large crystals during freezing

Three tablespoons of cherry liqueur to kick up the cherry flavor.

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