Cheese and garlic and hot chile tortilla chips

Masa harina, a magical Mexican ingredient made from milled corn that was treated with lye. The dough this produces when mixed with hot water has the texture of Play Doh and the aroma of Old Mexico. 

The dough is pulled off in the size of golf balls and pressed in a cast-iron smasher between two pieces of plastic. The plastic peeled off one side, then the plastic returned to its place and the wet disc flipped and the other side of the plastic peeled off. Now the disc is sufficiently loosened to peel off onto your hand to place in a pre-heated pan. 

One after another each disc is par-cooked to dehydrate before being cut into six as a pizza and shallow fried in oil.

Each batch is shallow fried until they stop bubbling signaling the water is gone from them and they are crisp. 

Then the chips are tossed in salt or flavored salt while they are still hot so the flavorings stick.

Processed together in a coffee mill to powder.

Ahi tuna salad

It starts out the usual tuna salad then deviates with frozen tuna and 100% additional things with two separate dressings.

A sweet apple and shredded Romaine lettuce with blu cheese dressing is placed in the bottom of a bowl. This is a fine salad by itself.

In another bowl the tuna salad is mixed. 

* chopped onion (frozen this time, so its water is squeezed out)
* sweet pickle relish
* cubed celery
* frozen ahi tuna steak microwaved cooked in pulses in its cryovac packaging. 
* large red bell pepper diced
* jalapeño pepper diced with its seeds and membrane
* cubed cucumber
* mayonnaise.

It's a very nice salad and it amounted to four easy meals.

Raspberries and omelet; mushroom and Romaine lettuce

Half the carton of mushrooms is used.

I want the crunch of the lettuce.

Yo, Micky dis so fine, dis so fine it blows my mind. Yo Mickey. 

Mushrooms are seared briefly in butter with thyme.

Removed from pan.

Fresh butter into the pan.

Three eggs scrambled with a fork poured into the pan.

The edges of set egg pulled toward the center to build up egg curd.

All around the edges.

Again and again. Until all the egg is nearly set.

Lettuce spread lightly across the surface of the egg.

Mushrooms set along 1/2 the top of the egg.

Rolled out onto a plate. 

Remaining lettuce and mushrooms top the rolled omelet. 

Plate finished with raspberries. 



There. Now you too can be expert at producing ace omelets the likes of which you do not see out among the world at large no matter where you travel. 

Go forth and spread your new ways, placidly amid the haste and noise and remember what peace there may be in spreading your newfound wisdom. For you are a child of the universe no less than the trees and stars and the squirrels in the trees and the planets around the stars and you have a right to be here, probably more right then the squirrels who are very much like rats except with fluffier tails. 

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