beef and cannellini bean bean chile

I don't much care for wine and the cork to this smelled dreadful to me, maybe not to you, at any rate I used this aerator device that people assure me makes wine taste better. Then when I did taste it, yes, it still tasted awful. But I like wine cooked especially with butter and it works very well for that. 

Roadside Hatch chiles frozen this summer. Only half of this package is used and that might be a bit too much. One fourth of this wold do.

tuna, balsamic, asparagus with pecans

Olive oil. ↑

Very old balsamic vinegar. It syrupy and sweet. ↓

The simplest most common disrespected lettuce paired with exclusive vinegar. Its such a tremendous combination. Surprisingly delicious and satisfying. And very simple. I have no idea why this or something like this hasn't already swept the culinary world. Every now and then I land on something incredible. 

butter burger on sweet potato bun

The cheese is a thick slice of Wisconsin cheddar hand cut from a block that is heated on the burger's first side of the half cooked hamburger after it's flipped then flipped again with the cheese to melt directly onto the pan so the cheese is actually fried in the same pan that fried the hamburger.

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