Pork egg rolls with homemade wrappers

1.5 Cups sifted bread flour
1 Cup aprox. nearly boiling water
1 Teaspoon baking soda

The dough is like stiff rubber.

Rolled to the thinnest setting. 

I learned to keep the dough covered with corn starch. Three times during rolling 

There are actually 4 rows of 6. I don't know what happened to the framing.

The homemade wrappers are softer than store-bought. Surprisingly tough. 

Fried rice


We artist types cannot help ourselves. There is twice this much jalapeño, four times this much Napa cabbage, half again as much pineapple, and three times this much sliced sandwich ham.

Next time I won't lie like this. I'll spill it all out in front of its pocket. So the egg carton measuring cup thing is ensconced in its own overages. The whole thing will defeat whatever purpose there was in putting the things in an egg carton, but that's another thing about us artist types, we like art. 

        "The egg carton thing is not really art." 

Shut up. I meant to say, please stop saying hurtful things. 

Tonight was a process of elimination. I have a tin of bamboo shoots but when I opened it they were the wrong shade of tan so the whole tin was tossed.  Zucchini was tossed. Mushrooms were tossed. Water chestnuts were eliminated but not tossed. Chives, fresh rosemary, fresh basil and fresh cilantro were all tossed. Carrots tossed.

* soy sauce
* mirin
* rice vinegar
* teeny-tiny bit of toasted sesame seed oil.

We were not allowed to tell each other to shut up. Can you imagine it? Five kids telling each other to shut up. 

Well, what are we supposed to say?

We were supposed to say, "Please stop talking." 

It was useless. We said "Please stop talking" so acidly no translation is necessary to, "stfu." And that really was a lot worse than simple shut up. 

Did I tell you this already? Sueko taught me this. My version was chopped up hotdogs and catsup. And that was fine with Sueko. 

Apple, corn, radish, pineapple, salmon and rice

The rice doesn't have any vinegar or sugar and the salmon does not have any wasabi or soy sauce. 

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