Malted wheat milled

The grain is purchased downstairs street level at CoBrew. 5lbs cost $9.50 or something close to that, so much more expensive than simply buying whole wheat flour at the grocery. But I don't care, the difference is extraordinary and I don't understand why this isn't popular among bread bakers. I haven't read about this in any of the bread books, the sourdough books, and I haven't seen it on t.v., yet a whole world of flavors and intensities is opened. 

I kept some grain to do other things. I have a wheat grain side dish in mind. 

salmon and rice, red bell pepper

The same salmon not used for the sushi yesterday, now cooked, and the rice is leftover too. So the rice has sugar and rice vinegar, sweet/sour flavor. It's a very nice combination and the red bell pepper is sweet. Soy sauce added at the table.

salmon nigirisushi, green salad

Short-grain rice is rinsed and put on. The traditional method is used to cook it, 1 part rice to 1.5 water, brought to boil then turned down to low, steamed on low for 25 minutes, heat turned off then steamed unopened for additional 10 minutes, so then, steamed for 35 minutes. Sugar and rice vinegar added to the water instead of heated separately and poured over the rice while fanning. The difference is the sweet/sour mixture is absorbed into each rice kernel instead of coating them. And that's what would get me kicked out of the sushi chef guild because there is probably some very good reason they do it their way, like they want it to be golden or something like that.

gyros on malted whole wheat bread

I stopped by Melita's on Lincoln but they appeared to be closed. For good.

But nothing shows about that online.

I had hoped to buy gyros there, the best that's available, and tzatziki, and typical Greek salad, but instead bought all those things at Trader Joe's nearby and I must say the Trader Joes gyros is 2nd rate. Sliced in thin uniform cuts it has the appearance of having been frozen, somewhat mushy, pressed together, difficult to separate, and unstable. It tastes okay but nothing spectacuar.

And that's a bummer!

The heirloom tomatoes at Trader Joes are outstanding. Much better than regular grocery store tomatoes.

As always, the people who work there are all gorgeous. Lovely people. All of them.

I had fun today.

I need more grain from the brewery downstairs and I want those guys down there to know how amazing the bread is that's made from their malted grain so last night I made a loaf and packaged it to give to them to do with whatever they will.

I also took all these elements to make sandwiches so they had this sandwich as well. I also took my new Shun Japanese bread knife so their minds can be blown hard as mine is. The dude sliced the whole loaf because nothing slices like this knife does. It's awesome. Zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip boom entire loaf sliced perfectly. 

You're not supposed to slice bread in advance, now it will dry out sooner, but what the heck, it was fun.

Shrimp sandwich

* Malted whole wheat bread.
* Sour cream and horseradish
* Nori sheet
* Shrimp
* Scrambled egg

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