South River Miso shipment

The weirdest thing. UPS sends notifications shipment tracking so the package was expected any time today. Their deliverers are inconsistent. Some call for me to come downstairs, some knock on the door like little kittens, others as police SWAT, while others don't knock at all. So I checked the front door. Nothing there. Then sat down at the computer. Bing. Notification of delivery. Box at the front door. And I had just checked the front door thirty seconds earlier. 


South River is so reliable. So steady. I saw the owner on t.v., and if he must be characterized, then he's a hippy. A reliable old hippy steady in his ways. 

One can gripe about shipping costs but you are buying steady reliable attention and professional service. The place is awesome. This is exactly how the shipment came last time, six years ago.

They say on their website the whole workforce goes out into nature in springtime to collect dandelions and wild leeks to make this once-a-year batch of miso. So I thought, what the heck, give it a try. 

And I love the prepared soup  made commercially of roasted red chile peppers with tomato that is marketed in cartons, so I thought, eh, give South River's garlic and red pepper version of miso a try. 

Otherwise, my preference is their simplest of all. The version that is not aged. 

I ordered a bit prematurely. There is nearly a whole jar of the plain version still in the refrigerator. And a small amount of another type. 


NY steak, seared vegetables

Zucchini and yellow squash and red bell pepper are seared in the same pan along with steak. The pieces are cut irregularly and arranged in the pan for a flat side to char. Then added to raw uncooked tomato and coated with 1 tablespoon rice vinegar.  Honestly, the vegetables are very good. I think they are my favorite part. 

The liquid is 1/4 cup of beef broth from bones. Here again, the whole two quarts is intensely beef flavored and set into giggly aspic meaning a good deal of marrow was extracted earlier. It is the best beef stock that I ever tasted. It's awesome when you do this yourself. Well worth the effort. It's all in the roasting of the bones and then pressure cooking for hours. In the electric pot this is very low effort and even lower electric energy. 

tuna steak, flavored rice, green beans with pecans, napa cabbage

The rice water is flavored with bonito flakes, sake, mirin and toasted sesame seed oil.

The green beans and the cabbage are flavored with rice vinegar and mirin.

Radishes are sliced, substituting for daikon which is also a radish.

This is an outstanding meal with flavors and depth all around that you just don't expect.

chocolate chip cookies

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