Pizza, ham, cheese, pineapple, jalapeño

If I could think of a way to improve this, say, with sausage, salami or pepperoni, or with better cheese, or sauce, then I would. 

It pleases women too. 

Yesterday I was talking to an attractive, helpful, enthusiastic girl, a young woman actually. And she was totally into it. "I'd use bacon!" And she's right. Bacon is a very good option. So long as it's the good kind. 

Deep fried chicken thighs, asparagus, strawberries

Buttermilk. Marinated longer than necessary because something came up. 

peanut butter and strawberry sandwich

With unpeeled cucumber slices.

The peanut butter is freshly pressed at Whole Foods and I realized, "HEY! This doesn't have salt."

The label says, freshly roasted peanuts. It needs to be freshly roasted salted peanuts. It makes a big difference.

Omega VSJ-843 juicer unboxing, first run

Meet my new best friend.

My favorite drink is Coca-Cola and I can put it away like nobody's bees wax. It's a hazard.

To shift away from Coca-Cola I started using 8-Greens dissolvable tablets that presumably make up for the nutrition in vegetables that we don't eat. Dehydrated leafy greens, spirulina blue-green algae and the like. But that's processed too. After a few boxes of those I thought, "Hey! Why not the real thing? Why not fruit and vegetable juice? That would force me to buy them and actually use them. Instead of buying them and trying to think how I will cook them and to accompany what, and have them hanging on for dear life for weeks until I finally discard their wilted soggy remnants.

There is a juicing outfit 1/2 block away from my home so I went in and bought a few bottles to check them out. They're delicious. Not at all what I expected.

I went back a few times and bought every kind they have.

And they're ridiculously expensive. Then again, each bottle is the juice of a boatload of leafy vegetables, root vegetables and all kind of fruit. Each 16oz bottle is an actual pile of vegetables. No exaggeration. It's a lot!  Each bottle is an incredible rush of nutrients, the likes of which you cannot consume by eating them all.

And whatever combination you do is delicious. I mean it.

Here, Lou, lookie.

A book. Yeah, right. Maybe later.

It's a slow masticating type. With an upright auger. The ones with horizontal augers are very nice too but for me the spout is too low. I want to use deeper containers.

Used bottles. Each one of these was $8.00 when filled with vegetable and fruit juice.

Damnit, Janet, I forgot celery. My favorite thing. I substituted cucumber.


There is stuff in the pile you cannot even see.

Separate overflow pile.

 Round 1, a HUGE pile of kale, cucumber, apple, carrot, beet, lemon and ginger. 

Made only 5 cups, 2 + 1/2 16 oz containers. 

Round 2. Purple cabbage juices very nicely. Pomegranates are a pain in the butt to prepare but this pinkish streaky type is very sweet, bok choy cabbage is also watery and so is cucumber, green apples and pear, lime and ginger additions. Oh, and two containers of blueberries. 

This produced 3X more juice than the first run. And less pulp.

My juice is ace.

Total 9 containers of juice represents $81.00 if purchased from the juice store. 

Considering the amount of vegetables that went into making them and its cost, not such a bad deal, actually. My gigantic pile of vegetables was expensive. I have probably 6X or 7X the amount of raw vegetables left for future juicing. I'm estimating. 

The whole thing is fun. 

Alaska sole makizushi

Cooked. Alaska sole is not that great raw. I'm imagining.

Doused in Hoisin sauce.

Covered and cooked in microwave in 10 second pulses for less than two minutes.

Covered and cooked in the microwave for thirty seconds.

Bell pepper snack

This is the Milton Creamery's Flory's Truckle cheese. It's the best aged cheddar I've ever tasted but the two ladies in the office downstairs didn't like it. Too strong, they said. It's not particularly sharp, rather, extremely deeply flavored. I love it. They preferred the lighter Prairie Breeze.


I'm out of mayonnaise right now but I do have safflower oil and olive oil and eggs. 

* 2 eggs
* 1 cup thereabout oil

Whisk eggs and drizzle in oil, painfully slowly at first, then a thin stream, then larger stream.

* rice vinegar
* dry mustard
* dry ginger
* salt
* pepper

The trick is the eggs must be at room temperature or else it won't work.

It becomes even thicker when chilled. 


Four of these to a pound of beef. My new thing is to wrap the sandwich in cling film so it can be eaten without its parts moving around. All the drips are contained in the wrapping.

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