Date and banana milkshake

Not a genuine milkshake. It has no ice cream, just whole milk.

Roasted chicken

tunafish salad made differently

Spiral cut daikon radish, not noodles.


The student becomes the master.

I have surpassed all that I know. I left my teachers behind in the dust. This is the best tunafish salad that I've ever had. And I sense ways to make it even better by using a few of my favorite Asian flavor ingredients in place of mayonnaise.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to have some more of it right now. And I'm not even hungry.

hamburger with cheddar and jalapeño

Mashed potato mixed with the dough for soft tender buns.

My favorite 7 Asian ingredients included in the usual scant amounts, usually for vegetables and shrimp and the like, but excellent here with beef. 

What can I say? It's excellent. No chef around would even think of this, and here it is excellent by any measure.

Pepperoni and jalapeño pizza


* High oven temperature, pizza stone, pressed onto parchment paper for easy transfer
* Wet dough, bread flour
* Cornmeal to get the dough out of the bowl, to cover top and bottom. This adds texture shoved onto the dough
* Fresh jalapeño, not tinned or jarred that add their own vinegar and do not roast. 

Napa cabbage, tofu and mushroom mix,

Great big beautiful Napa cabbage, the best cabbage in all the lands and tofu, bean cheese, a mix of excellent mushrooms, and seven outstanding additional flavors in tiny amounts.

1. sake
2. sugar
3. mirin
4. rice vinegar
5. fish sauce
6. sesame seed oil
7. soy sauce 

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