potato salad with pork and vegetables

Two large Russet potatoes and three thin pork cutlets.

Onions are salted so they weep out their stinging volatile sulfur compounds then rinsed and squeezed.

Cucumber slices are salted to weep their water, then rinsed, squeezed and dried.

Good salami. The kind that comes in a log and that you must slice yourself. 

Taste-tested, and with all my favorite Asian flavors and excessive rice vinegar, there was still something missing and citric acid seemed the thing. All the zest and all of the juice is included. And boy, did that hit the spot.

I have a good choice of fresh herbs presently and mint seemed the way to go. With the lemon, it's irresistibly delicious.

There you are going along enjoying the creamy potatoes imbued with complex overlapping umami flavors that do not belong in potato salad when suddenly your mouth encounters a more challenging chewy piece of peppery salami. You continue tasting the lemon cool as a summer drink, encountering crunchy texture of celery and crispy cucumber when BLAM capsaicin heat fills your mouth then cooled by creamy mayonnaise and persistent lemon and pervasive mint. Then your mouth detects a small chunk of cooked pork loin and you're all, what? Am I having a balanced meal, or what? 

This is not your grandmothers potato salad. No. This is delightfully alien as a trip to Bangkok.

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