Agar agar with fruit and berries

Agar agar is sold in a few different forms. This is like straw, a bit difficult to separate and cut with a knife but scissors works well. Portions of this will swell to gelatin noodles when soaked. The noodles are used in salads and soups, and I don't know what else. A square was cut off and processed to powder in the coffee bean mill and that worked very well. 

I needed a little over a tablespoon for three cups of water, approximately, possibly a quart. If you don't use enough it won't set properly and if you use too much it becomes like Gummy Bears.

I wanted to mix a portion with coconut milk but it turned out I don't have any. 

What a bummer!

So I used sour cream instead. This has two layers, clear and white.

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