white rice with mushrooms

This is a serving of cold leftover rice with bonito flakes mixed in. It looks like a brown sauce, but it's not. It's dry. Water is drizzled into the bowl to re-heat the rice.

This is a speciality soy sauce. Kishibori brand. Comes wrapped as a gift.

It's more mellow than regular grocery store types that are not aged. I like it.

Shitaki and Baby Bella mushrooms quickly sautéed in butter. This is much better than I thought it would be, better than you'd imagine two mushrooms together, and the whole time I was thinking, "why didn't I do this earlier?" 

I could have been residing in food-heaven that much sooner. 

Ever have something so good when you're finished you want to do it all over again immediately? That's happening right now. It's like I cannot even wait until I'm hungry again.

The grocery store brought over these mushroom precut with the stems left on the shitakis. They don't know the stems are too tough to eat. Unless you use them for stock, but I'm insufficiently retentive to save them. I guess I could throw them in with the chicken bones that are being saved. 

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