soft puffy lemon cheesecake

I used the proper mixer this time for the egg whites, and boy, does that make a big difference. 

But it still doesn't lift like the other ones do. But it didn't separate and settle into separate layers either. But it did compress faster than usual. 

The last time I went though this with genoise the solution turned out to be pressure. I could actually do that in the 8-quart Instant Pot. I think. I'll check to see if it fits.

It would be a good experiment. 

At any rate, it's delicious. The batter was delicious. I gave this away to the people around here who work on Easter. I was surprised, and a bit dismayed, there are so many in the immediate area. A few people tasted it right then even though they were working, and what fun to see their eyes go, boink, and a big grin grow across their face. It really is good no matter its state of moderate compression.

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