Buffalo meatballs. That's what the package said, ground buffalo, but smart shoppers know better -- it's American bison. Saw this guy on TV that gave me a whole new insight. He said something while mixing his prize-winning-Italiangrandma'srecipe-marketshisownsauce version that gave me an insight, he goes, "...all those eggs are making like a meat souffle in there." And then Bobby Flay goes, they were having a throwdown, and he goes, "He uses four eggs for every one of mine." Then, the guy wins the throwdown. So I thought I'd try it with some ground buffalo meat. I mean bison. Then he bakes them. Mine came out great.

The noodles were cranked out on the Atlas™. The attachment actually forms round spaghetti. One egg plus half an egg shell of water plus AP flour and mostly semolina flour that I get out of the bins at Whole Foods or some such.

Sauce comes from a jar and it's totally gross. It cannot be salvaged. Plain cold fresh tomatoes with olive oil would have been better.

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