My quick cooking grits are almost gone so I tried this with milled yellow corn from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. Surprisingly, it cooks just as fast as the quick grits. There's very little difference. Cooked with a can of chicken broth; 2 pt. broth to 1 pt. corn meal. Grated semi-hard cheese added at the end

Onion and celery sweated with butter. One Tablespoon flour added at finish to form a dry crumbly roux. Added garlic powder, cayenne pepper powder, Vindaloo curry powder cooked for a few minutes then added a second can of prepared chicken broth. Forms a thin sauce.  Shelled a handful of shrimp and a few scallops, thawed while this was going on, cut the scallops and dumped the whole lot into the sauce at the end.  Then cook until the shrimp turn color, just  a few minutes, removed from heat and served immediately.

This dish is hot and spicy. Prepared within 15 minutes.

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