poached eggs, potatoes, ham, red sauce

Dos huevos escalfados, papas, jamón, con salsa roja. 

To get a nice complete shred on those potatoes I dragged out the Cuisinart. Frrrrrap! Done.  They were rinsed to rid them of their surface starch, then boiled briefly. They were removed before they cooked completely. Then fried using the fat removed from these roasted chickens. They were sprinkled with sea salt, pepper, and powdered garlic. 

The eggs are poached in simmering water that contains salt and vinegar to keep the albumen together. In this instance the white did cohere but separately from the yolk. That was weird. Suited me, I like the yolk a lot more anyway. 

The ham is ordinary Black Forest ham from the deli. It was even already pre-cut in their cabinet, thicker than I usually specify, but that's okay with me too.

The red sauce was prepared earlier to moisten holdover enchiladas. It is made from ancho and arbol chiles. 

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