Free cole slaw, apple and jalapeño, Zep's Epiq Sandwiches

I didn't make this, Zep's did, and it is very good too. It's just the sort of thing I'd think up myself. I have used these ingredients in slaws. You know, jazz it up with something sweet and something hot and with textures like raisins and nuts. 

The new hip Quizno Grill experiment nearby closed and new hip Quizno Grill experiment opened in its place called Zep's Epiq Sandwiches. Menu

I walked in. The place is empty. I took the guy's recommendation without looking at the menu without any fuss or decision making.  

Right then another customer came in. Then another. Then another. My order is up. Then another customer, then another customer. 

I'm waiting right there sitting on a low table right in front of the register and facing the service window. The table is the type that is put at the end of a bed or behind a sofa, 

While waiting I see four employees but only one guy works the register and the orders. He's busy taking orders so my take-out bag sits unattended. So close I could just take it. The last woman comes in with an inordinately wide butt. The place offers menus at entry and a large brightly lit menu board overhead but the woman never looked at those, even looming right over her face, preferring instead to spend a good deal of time scanning her cellphone and calling out to the young man at the register what she wanted one by one as she scrolls her cellphone up and down. I checked my cellphone to see what she's seeing. The information is good but compressed compared to the menu right there over her face. Finally she finishes.

"I think my order is ready." 

The guy twirled briskly showing a bit embarrassment for temporarily neglecting outgoing orders. The last woman threw him off his game. 

"You know, now that I realize the cole slaw has apple and jalapeño I decided to have that too. I already have a mixed salad in the bag. I'm ready to go. I pulled out my wallet again. 

"Here. On the house." 

Another free thing! 

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