whole chicken, cut, brined, baked

unbaked  ↑
baked  ↓

Un problema menor: no me gusta.

* The chicken is insufficiently overcooked for me. I like chicken overcooked. When the chicken reaches the recommended temperatures for dark and for white the tendons and things in there haven't had time to break down. They're too tough. And I don't like that. The whole thing, this plate, is covered with aluminum foil and returned to the oven, and for a long time too, like forty-five minutes. 

* The brine is too salty. I predicted that and took measures of soaking in clear water for a long time, and that didn't work. The over salting ruins the chicken.

* The panko breading does not contribute. It mostly falls off and that's good because it's not good. Better to not have any breading at all. Plain skin chicken is better.

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