midnight snack

It's 12:00 at night, and time for a snack. Damn. I'm so in the Zone™ I can't stand myself. This, Kids, is how to stay thin, or how to become thin in case you're not already settled at a homeostasis weight with which you're satisfied -- first off all, never be hungry. FerChrist'ssake, you're American! There's no point to it. Wouldn't do to let blood sugar drop. That signals your body, always so loyal and obedient, that it needs to prepare itself for starvation. Secondly, eat whatever you want, just be sure to want the right things. Is that so hard? Make this a way of life, and your body becomes convinced it's OK to release stored body fat. Thus sprach Zarathustra, and by Zarathrustra, I mean Barry Sears.

Did I ever tell you about the personal trainer at Broadway Body Works who helped me come back to life? He took a special interest in me because I was such a wreck. He's a total stud. Completely beholden to Barry Sears. He was so funny. Didn't even eat potatoes or rice. Wouldn't touch 'em. That's taking it a little far, if you ask me, but he does have the abs of death.

Check it out, this here is all stuff I have around the house based on what I made previously. When I scrounge around, I can't go wrong because there isn't anything around to wreck a program. Now that there's what ya call planning.

Even chocolate. Chocolate is actually a health food, especially the low sugar kind. Two books I read said that so it must be true. I try to disregard the fact that the two people who wrote those books are morbidly obese. Just say'n.

* Venison meatballs. Those things are still tender and wonderful. Full of good stuff.

* Chicken broth made from roasted chickens. I never get tired of saying that,

* Chickpeas. My new favorite fun things.

* Brown rice miso. Power food extraordinaire.

* Plum tomato that was just sitting there being red, waiting to get used

* Basil from the kitchen AeroGarden with brand spank'n new lights.

* Ice water in a Mason jar 'cause ah still got no class.

* You'll notice this looks remarkably similar to the post below.

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