fried egg, bratwurst, greens

The egg was fried in a biscuit ring to corral its wayward wanderings. The bratwurst is sliced and freed of its restrictive casing whereupon it breathed the sweet air of liberty and then promptly and with calculated cruelty it was smashed into a disc and by doing so the brat was forfeited its wurst. The greens were pressure cooked a few days ago, chilled, and a portion reheated. 


Anonymous said...

I am with you on the brat patty, so is Johnsonville as they sell them pre smashed. mpw

Peter Hoh said...

At grocery stores in the upper midwest, you can buy ground sausage just like you'd buy ground beef.

MadisonMan said...

Here in Madison, Frabonis has excellent italian sausage -- ground up and in bulk. Yum.

But I do like Johnsonville's or Klement's taste better.

Ralph L said...

Peter, also in the South, at least in years past. My grandmother preferred (canned) pork brains with her eggs, and she didn't have a stroke 'til she was 90.

The grammar police says lose the "was" before "forfeited."

Or you could say, "the brat's wurst was forfeit."

Pettifogger said...

Ralph L said: "The grammar police says lose the "was" before 'forfeited.'"

If the government forfeits my property, do I simultaneously then also forfeit my own property or was my property forfeited?

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