jalapeño omelet

With a name like Robusto one can expect it to hold its own to jalapeño and it does, its flavor not lost to capsaicin dominion. Two strong flavors blended exceedingly well, shallot sidelined playing no interference and that is it.

Nicked off the end without tasting and realized, whoa Daddy-o, this is strong and too much, now I have to eat some and bring it down to the right amount. 

There are blank spaces in the little plastic greenhouse for more dirt plugs. Today I noticed three more plants coming out of the dirt. I lost track but I think they are the previous jalapeño. They might be habanero or tomato. 

We like shallots a lot so we shall eat them a lot. 

Something is needed. Something basic. Something not fussed with. Something fundamental nearly archaic yet new and fresh and delicate, too delicate for such things as transportation and handling with its own sweet nature to sit on top of this subdued battle of profound flavors contained in a lumpy quilt of loose egg, like precious little red Clara Bartons attending the rolled up battlefield. 

This jalapeño and Robusto omelet is very good but I do not recommend it. My impulse is make a second immediately, the omelet is that good, but I do not recommend having an immediate second either. 

Better to leave oneself wanting than to burn oneself out, don't you think? 

Those are the two choices it is not possible to get it just right.

I imagined myself making another, as I have before, and getting half way through, as I have before, and going, "Oh crap I can barely stand to take another bite. But I don't want to waste this. Come on, eat it. Eat it I said." As I have before, and I don't want to do that to myself again. So like I said, better to leave myself wanting innit. 

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