duck blueberry mushroom risotto

I noticed Anne Burrell pull a container like this of chicken stock from her refrigerator. It is an odd container to store one's own chicken stock and I realized she and other chefs are doing what I recently discovered in the frozen cabinets at Tony's market. Their staff prepares this and other stocks, chicken being the most reasonably priced. So far I bought four, maybe five, and I resolved this really is the way to go, a much better deal than the cartons and the best part, made right there. 

Oliver's duck/blueberry sausage from previous sausage and scrambled egg photoset. Gentle, the trick is not overcook it.

I do not have proper Arborio rice on hand so Japanese short-grain rice is substituted, among the worst substitutions possible, but I am certain I can pull this off. With vigorous stirring the rice does slough surface starch and keeps doing that  and it does form a rich starchy sauce,  and it does absorb liquid like nobody's business and that absorption can be controlled by cooling, then by adding more hot liquid to loosen, loosen enough to accept cheese, but even if it didn't form a rich thick sauce I could turn rice grains to powder and add that by the teaspoon and achieve the same thing. As it is, feta cheese compensates nicely for this short-grain rice's starchy shortcomings and I am pleased with the result. 

Additional blueberries to augment the blueberries already in the sausages. 

Whoever heard of blueberries in risotto? I might just now have invented a new thing.

It really should sweep the globe. 

It looks almost like oatmeal but it tastes nothing like it.

* bland rice
* butter
* chile flakes (to alter the bland rice)
* dry mustard
* chicken stock homemade in someone else's professional kitchen. Two units.
* parmigiano-reggiano and feta cheese
* duck/blueberry/pork sausage
* mushrooms
* oregano
* blueberries

No onions. No garlic. No beer nor wine nor alcohol. No bay, cumin, cilantro, nor basil. No tomato. No olives. No cream, no olive oil. No sweet/sour thing going on, nothing bitter. 

Simple, straightforward, unhallenging, yet nothing mundane pedestrian nor ordinary. I immediately want more, and it's right there still hot.


Lem said...

Whoever heard of blueberries in risotto? I might just now have invented a new thing.

blueberries Risotto has a nice ring to it.

Texas Annie said...

Sorry Chip, I put blueberries and pecans in a risotto last fall. Added some asiago, but it just had an off taste. I was going to try it again with some tweaks, but completely forgot until you posted this.

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