steak sandwich, jalapeño Cheese Whiz

Este sándwich es tan delicioso que yo no puedo creer lo. Han sido esperando por este todo el día. I had been looking forward to this all day and I said so to the young man who handed it to me and he grinned from ear to ear, barriers dropped like a curtain, instantly receptive interactive and friendly, "It's good." He affirmed. I can tell he's the type who can live on theses sandwiches. I said that I could, I was hungry enough for a lie like that to feel like exaggeration and in his case plausible but in fact I cannot, the sandwiches are good but not so good as that. Stark yellow fingernails on one hand, stark blue fingernails on the other, as if a child painted them. I nearly asked, "Do you have a child?" And then thought better not ask that. What if he painted himself?

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