macaroni, old English cheese, Virginia ham

Sandwich ham. Virginia ham to make it sound special. Old English is the same as Velveeta or Cheese Whiz with a little something extra. There is nothing old nor English about it.

A cup of béchamel is prepared with dry mustard and chile powder, the cheese melted into it then an egg tempered in depending on how hot the mixture by then. Macaroni cooked to medium hard so that it finishes inside the oven added to the béchamel and cheese mixture. Panko bread crumbs stirred with melted butter sprinkled on top, baked at 350℉ until cheese on top and breadcrumbs toast.

Macaroni and cheese is not a thing my mum made but I did have this at various schools and always did like it. 

My mum made macaroni with Polish sausage and loose tomato sauce and I never did like that meal. I ate it but disliked every bite. Everything about it was wrong. So few elements, each one wrong, synergistically wrong together. Mum was surprised to hear of this bad attitude, all along she thought it one of our favorites.

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