shrimp, polenta with masa


That's all well and good but how is the delicious red sauce made?

The sauce is started with a regular roux, that is flour and butter in equal parts, 1 tablespoon each. The flour is browned in the butter to desired darkness, here, blond. 

Spices are add, here, a lot. hot things. Hot powders. Uncomfortably hot for most people. Various chile powders where one will suffice. Other spices and herbs too, here dehydrated onion powder and garlic powder as found in commercial flavor packets.

Off the heat, some kind of alcohol whisked in to a sludge.

Back on the heat some kind of liquid whisked in, about a cup, here, water. But it could be chicken broth or milk or beer or vegetable broth, something like that. It thickens once it boils and more so as it cools. 

Basic velouté sauce, her pronunciation is throwing me off, you can tell she is all wrong because you don't go tossing accent marks on vowels for nothing, they are trying to help you say it. Ve-loot-e, not Ve-LOOT-e, touch the tiny speaker icon offered and Google will say it for you.

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