pico de gallo

Tres ingredientes simplemente me-o my-o. 
Son of a gun we'll have big fun pico de gallo. 

Precious dots. I'm telling you, one of these little dots falls into a crack in the wet earth as weeds do BLAM tomato vines growing all over the place. 

Here, let me show you. These were dropped into wet dirt five days ago.

Chile seeds placed in between tomato seeds, as a checkerboard. The tomatoes all popped out before the chiles. Seeds from food, so they are the things I already eat and so filled with life just sitting there dry and dying, just dying, for someone to be nice to them, and when you do they explode out of the dirt with such amazing show of force then continue to demonstrate irrepressibly what they are made of, what they are created to do. 


Lem said...

Un chiwawa y un gallo entraron a una barrita...

Chip Ahoy said...

Ha ha ha chihuahua. Don't leave me hanging, then what happened?

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