gyros sukiyaki,

Beef broth is basis for the sukiyaki, of course, and I do not think you can do better than this, it is deep and dark and rich, possibly too rich, I considered diluting it. 

It is changed to be sweeter with mirin or sugar, here I used brown sugar less than a teaspoon, and rounder with fish sauce, anchovy if I didn't have that, and some kind of alcohol for its permeating ability, here I used saki but anything will work.

The beef broth by itself is delicious. Any vegetable I scrounge will contribute. Butter and wine is an amazing combination and so is beef with wine. Saki is rice wine. 

I'm genuinely surprised the lamb gyros is greatly improved in splendid beef broth from Tony's market. The gyros is much better here than it is in gyros sandwich form and it is fantastic that way but here a lot more tender. It needed only a soak to soften right up. It is actually better than beef.


Rob said...

Wow, Japanese-Greek fusion. If you get any hipper, you'll be obliged to move to Williamsburg.

Chip Ahoy said...

Hey, go with what you've got. I was bummed out because I used two beef steaks that would have worked before I got the idea and didn't think of picking up anything when convenient to do so, and I have 2 pork chops too. As it turned out, this leftover spicy lamb worked out great. Weird, I know, but sometimes odd things work.

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