green beans, pecans, cheese sauce

Green beans frozen rudely rapidly thawed in hot butter and vermouth, pecans fell off a tree in some Southern state, cheese sauce is straight Cheese Whiz, surprisingly delicious.  

Take a small tin of hot diced jalapeño peppers and a jar of this Cheeze Whiz, boom, nacho sauce.


Rob said...

Quit joking, what did you really eat?

Chip Ahoy said...

Srsly. Dinner. I'm in grazing mode.

Lem said...

No cheese on vegies for me thank you. Sorry.

I gather Velveeta still unavailable.

Aridog said...

Dang're starting to cook stuff I like. I am going to try that combination.

Locally we have a company named "Better Made" that has a cheddar cheese sauce that beats Velvetta or Cheeze Whiz...and it is sold as a nacho cheese sauce, with or without peppers added. When I want hot and pepper flavor I add course ground Korean Red Peppers that I buy by the two pound bag.

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