shaved NY steak, white beans, homemade tortillas

This is the N.Y. portion of the T-bone steak from yesterday

I was not into this as a steak. Put it off all day. All day. Nothing to eat all day a result of the gigantic meal yesterday, I suppose, of which I could only eat the tenderloin portion and half the potato. Kept putting off eating, putting off eating, putting off eating and then it was already past midnight and the day was gone.

The grizzle bits are cut out and the cooked steak sliced thinly as possible. It is cooked in water with a few favorite flavor agents, under pressure to tenderize the meat beyond its inherent steak tenderness and change its texture and flavor to something else slightly. If this were a Philadelphia sandwich this would be chopped finer while it cooks on the grill, basically, pre-masticating the meat or at least pre-chewing it, but here the meat is tenderized further by pressure instead.

It's not hot.

A friend was so proud of his mother's tortillas he declared them best in the land and all the while I imagined tortillas can only be so good. We invited his mother and his sister to my house to show us, he never studied before, never watched her, just marveled how good her tortillas always are so much better than anywhere else. She showed us its utter simplicity, think campesino, not even a rolling pin, just patting them back and forth, and it is because of her I am so ace at making my own tortillas confidently and expertly and have fresh ones whenever I want and without any extra half dozen laying around getting stale or being frozen and me fretting about waste. 

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Rob said...

A lesson in how to make the world's best tortilla wouldn't go unappreciated.

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