pork neck bones, white beans

Noticed these pork neck bones in the grocery store freezer, the freezer that holds the weird things, odds and ends, tongues, intestines, hooves, tails, and the like, and bought them on a dare.

What the heck.

After roasting for Maillard, the pressure pot makes a thing like this a breeze even with hard dry beans.

The time it takes to turn hard dry beans soft is the same time it takes to tenderize this meat and melt the connective tissue so that tender pieces literally fall right off the bone. Fall off with the merest push. 

And it tastes so fine and so rich, I added nothing to the beans, by way of experiment. At the table, only salt and it is still filled out, excellent and satisfying as a complete meal.

This package of neck bones got me caught up in conversation when I showed them to a lady in line at checkout. I remarked on her kale and she blew me off so I showed her this package to indicate she's not rid of me that easily. I told her I had no idea what they are, intended for beans, that my own mum didn't make beans, and nothing of the sort like this so it's all a big experiment from my point of view, but I sure do like beans, come to find out, when filled out with ingredients like these, I discovered on my own since not living at home. 

And that got her started on soul food. So that she would not stop.

Her soul food is different from mine, we call our soul food "comfort food," the items made on the cheap with castoff ingredients by inexperienced mums with small children who have limited palates anyway. I kept thinking our conversation was finished and she kept returning to it even as she paid and rolled away still wishing me luck with my soul food.

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