riced potato, chicken gravy

Riced means mashed using a ricer, a squishing device resembling a large garlic press. It's the way to go. It comes with three discs, this is the middle size so minor lumpage on purpose, it smashes through potato worms with coarse furry starch surface that absorbs preheated milk and butter like a mop. Presto. Mashed potatoes just like that. Doubly absorbent if the potato is stabbed all the way through several times to help dry it out. 

Emergency mashed potato and chicken gravy kit.

Man, this gravy is good.

There is a word for this sort of thing that starts with a roux and uses stock for liquid, velouté sauce, flavored however one likes, significantly, this has vermouth, and that makes it very different, it gives it that wine/butter thing that works so well and uses its spirit-ability to pervade every molecule individually, it seems so, and contributes sweetness besides. This has cumin, coriander seed powder, garlic, turmeric, pepper and salt, but no chile this time, and these splashes of alcohol have an impressive ability to blend all that into something new and spectacular. I put off tasting it, what if it's gross? I'm hesitant for some reason, the color looks a bit off, but I do taste, must check for corrections, and wow, its odd color gives no clue to the pleasure that explodes in my mouth, covers everything in there and lingers momentarily after swallowing and the brain fires off an imperative, "More of that right now." 

The stock is from Tony's down the street, frozen. What a convenience that is, homemade right there. 

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