baklava filo fail

I rolled two bread pans like these holding three rolls each, so six rolls total, the result of rolling flat six dough wads at once and then brushing each layer separately with melted butter and sprinkled nuts and rolling up onto a dowel, and pushing the roll up layer off the dowel. 

Mine is overbaked and not good at all.

I was trying to this ↓ and this ↓↓ and failed. These two women are interesting.

This page is unsteady and I hope these two videos stay up. YouTube is not that steady either, their members are not, and I did not copy these videos. It's a careless gamble.

This is a video of an Arabic or Persian woman making a round savory pie with phyllo or filo type dough. She manages the surface flour keeping it dry by replacing it for each dough wad repeatedly until finally she deftly and cleverly rolls them all flat together, and due to her care in keeping her powder dry the layers stay separate until she brushes  them with butter. It seems vinegar changes the pH of the dough allowing for extra thinness and sturdiness.

This second video, should it disappear, shows a girl wrapping regular phyllo the customary way except she rolls each sheet onto a wooden dowel purchased at Home Depot. The clever thing here is she pushes the roll off the dowel then the phyllo bunches up before sliding off adding another convoluted dimension to the compressed rolls. The rolls end up hollow like unfilled cannoli.

But I know where I went wrong, and cups of honey and pistachios and butter and flour are not so great a loss. School is a lot more expensive than this.

Here is how to cut a pie like a Muslim. You see, it is against the law to make pictures of nature, so no making dough in the shape of an apple or leaf or any such natural thing. It is offensive to presume to imitate creation of God so stick with geometric and mathematic designs and it is alright to go elaborate there. 

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