broad semolina egg noodles with shredded beef broth

I cannot imagine pasta being more simple than this and it has never been as satisfying. 

It is so humanizing, so down to earth, it does make one feel a bit like a caveman but a caveman deeply satisfied with access to the latest of pasta developments back then in caveman days.

 I should have shown the refrigerator container of remnant shredded beef in the broth that is the unseasoned water used to cook the beef in the pressurized pot after it was already fried and already cooked and nothing else but an onion. To tenderize it. Forlornly pale and weak-looking unappetizing in appearance with overcooked onion turned mush. Not a trace of seasoning. It will be reheated now, so cooked three times. It is refreshed with frozen vegetables if you can call vegetables frozen refreshing. 

And I thought, all I really want is noodles, big fat noodles, with egg in them, and dense with semolina, no messing around. No extra fussing with cheese, just get on with it. Fat substantial wet noodles, reminiscent of those wet burritos at Señor Burritos that everybody liked so well. 

With all its modesty I would serve this or something similar confidently anytime anywhere to anybody, except a vegetarian of course, and know they will be satisfied.

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