Denver sourdough starter, step 1

Ugly slurry of flour and water left outside for two weeks to ensure that it rained in the bowl several times, and it did. Outside in the heat it showed signs of being ready to go. Two weeks collection period is excessive.

Only half the slurry is used, the solids filtered out through a kitchen towel. Unsweetened pineapple to feed it natural sugar and to discourage strains that have trouble with acid right at the beginning. Within a few hours I can see bubbles. All this at room temperature and only my own milled wheat. The culture will be developed on whole wheat.

VoilĂ ! New starter distinct to Denver. The aim was to keep it outside long enough to endure various conditions for extended complexity. It did that very well. One day it hailed outside, and rained in several afternoons in a row encouraging me to keep it out there longer. One of the rains was quite hard and refilled the bowl with water to its top. Also a lot of wind. On hot days it would make tiny bubbles. I have never collected this long. 


This new starter foamed to high activity within four hours at room temperature. It could be used immediately to inoculate a whole batch and it would take over the whole thing fiercely and fast. It will be fed again within 8 - 12 hours and advanced in the usual way by increasing its amount incrementally. It might take over as the main sourdough culture. There is another Denver sourdough culture active right now, there is no point in having two at the same time. This one might supersede the previous culture even though I am perfectly happy with that one also collected this season.

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