handmade wheat fettucinni, meatball, beef broth

homemade noodles, meatball, beef broth

The dough sits for awhile. At least twenty minutes. 

This gives time for the molecules to move around. Water molecules tend to even out. They tend to be pulled into dry areas to even the pressure, organize itself by way of atomic charges. In a way, once wet, flour begins to devour itself by the wheat's own enzymes that are activated by water. There is a noticeable change in how the dough feels under hand.  

Various sausages wrapped separately and frozen. 

My own sourdough breadcrumbs that were baked on low heat to completely dry out similar to panko.

A few pounds of ground beef. A small tin of tomato paste is mixed in. My dry herbs and spices. 

The whole point of this is to have these noodles. My noodles. My big hearty noodles.

These are hand rolled, hand cut fettucinni. Maybe a little bit wider than that, maybe thicker. They are big and thick and fat. Also a bit tender because the greater part is whole wheat flour. The semolina flour and the all purpose flour shown in the photo above turned out to be about half the total amount of flour. Whole wheat made up the rest. So they tend to break. 

That's the thing about whole wheat noodles, they break easily.

I saw these two guys totally fail to sell their new gluten free pasta in a box because they failed to recognize how tender it is. They made a big batch to show off to prospective buyers and the whole thing turned to paste and the pasta broke to bits as they stirred it. All that happened before people even tried it. They did not mind to their finished product, the way people will actually use it. They had to make a new batch themselves. The whole thing was a disaster.

The bread is 100% whole wheat that I milled myself, and 100% Denver sourdough culture. The culture was fed some bits of overripe peach and a few tablespoons mashed potato with nothing else added, no milk nor butter, just potato. The bread is dense and heavy with an intriguing profound sourdough tang and concentrated wheat flavor. There is nothing like it on Earth. And the noodles are 50% whole wheat as well. So, very heavy with wheat. 

Man, I want some more of this bread.  

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