homemade peanut butter Nutella and banana on Denver sourdough bread

Nutella and tahini both taste like peanut butter to me.

And that makes me think I can make it out of peanut butter.

Pam oil, I will use coconut oil
Cocoa, I will use courveture chocolate, contributing cocoa butter that cocoa powder does not have.
Skim milk, I don't have any of that so  I will use powder milk that does no have any fat.
Lecathin, I do have that.
Vanilin, I have vanilla extract and vanilla beans.

My conceit is that Nutella and tahini taste like peanut butter to me, that I think I can make it myself. Almond butter just confuses the issue. I am certain it will taste the same. 

Sugar is the first ingredient with milk after hazelnuts and cocoa, by weight. Imagining them nearly the same weight, then sugar and milk are ingredients for caramel. So, start with caramel by weight then add peanut butter and chocolate. That was my approach.

Nutella advertises hazelnut and chocolate combination, but it is really caramel and hazelnut and cocoa powder in combination. My mixture using peanuts tastes very good. They all taste nearly the same, at least very similar to me. 

Conclusion: Make your own Nutella out of peanut butter. There is nothing so terribly special to hazelnut butter.

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