cheese popcorn

To get the grated cheese to stick to the popcorn and not settle to the bottom of the bowl the popcorn is baked a few minutes to make sure it melts. If the the popcorn and cheese bakes longer than necessary for that then the cheese toasts and that's very nice too.

This method with this type of cheese uses both stovetop and oven. But only for a few minutes each. 

It also transfers the popcorn to the bowl back to the pot to layer the cheese on the popcorn and to bake in the pot and not in the bowl because I want to hold the bowl when it's done.

* Turn on the stove.
* Grate cheese and flavor with anything. I used garlic powder and cayenne.
* Turn on stovetop burner.
* Heat popcorn kernels in just enough hot vegetable oil to cover the seeds.
* Before the seeds pop, remove from heat for a minute so the seeds all heat evenly then return to the stovetop burner.
* Pop the corn. I use a screen not a pot lid so that the moisture escapes.
* Turn out popcorn into a large bowl.
* Melt generous butter in the pot off the heat and drizzle over the popcorn. Mix it around so the whole batch gets some butter, not as they do in the theaters.
* Return the popcorn to the pot and layer the cheese as you do.
* Bake the popcorn for a few minutes. 

It sounds like a lot of steps but it's all intuitive and it goes very fast. 

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