Club Philly sandwich, Taste of Philly green salad

They have an interesting menu here. The thing is, their jalapeño peppers used to be hot and now they are mild. Nine out of ten jalapeño eaters agree if they are not hot then what's the point? Nothing on the menu is hot no matter how fiery it's titled nor how scary sounding the ingredients. As if an order came down from on high that nothing shall ever be actually hot. And it's just a matter of telling suppliers to make the jalapeño peppers hot.  

Their salads are surprisingly good.

Tonight a footie pajama version of a furry flash mob occurred in my area at the moment I stepped out to get this. The whole neighborhood is saturated with young adults dressed in animal pajamas with feet and hoods with ears and tails. Mostly innocent woodland prey creatures. Some homemade versions of batman made in the same style and with a tail. I saw two of those. 

A bit frightening, having groups of teens and post-teens gathering in wandering groups just looking for trouble. 

Then I realized: They're in their pajamas!

They must be the sweetest little things. 

And it turns out they are.

A gaggle was gathered directly in front of the Taste of Philly door. They were trying to get their group together and now my presence caused an additional complication. They must move. That took a moment for the realization to sink in for them. Sweet little dears a bit slow on the uptake. Having a good time but not really knowing what to do beyond dressing up in pajamas and going out for a rave. They all needed leadership. They really are innocent woodland prey creatures. 

I love young people.
"Can I bring you out a little salad?"
"I'm going inside. Can I bring you a salad?"
"Oh. Ha ha ha. No thanks. Ha ha ha. Good one. Thank you for offering."

See? Adorable.

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