ginger sauerkraut

I overstuffed these jars to squeeze 3LBs of cabbage into them. That's a bit too much and they filled to the brim. That caused problems. After just overnight the fermentation started and when I burped the jars they fizzed and sputtered and made a mess of the counter and coated the jars with brine.

So I took some out and ate part of it and I must say, it is outstanding.

Why isn't ginger-sauerkraut famous? It's a mystery. Why did I have to invent it? Why isn't in in one of these book, and why isn't it online? Everything I think of is already thought, so where is it?


Come on!

This is fantastic.

This is showing gas production overnight, but the jars were already burped after 12 hours and the balloon inflated fully within one hour. It just kept getting tighter. 

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