spring rolls, American style.

Deena used her Jedi mind tricks on me again and got me to agree to cater her party.  It's a fund raiser, number of people, presently unknown.

This is an experiment for an American-style spring roll.  Salad greens, apple, avocado, tomato, raspberry vinaigrette.   The goat cheese is a little weird here, I think I'll leave it out and exchange it with the more ordinary shrimp.  These are intended for hors d'oeuvres. Rolled tightly, it's possible to get four per roll. It'll take a couple dozen to satisfy.


Meade said...

I'd gladly take a couple dozen... but that photo alone satisfies me. Great!!

Shanna said...

Yum!!! Those look really good, but I like goat cheese. Not sure how it would be with apples, though.

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