There's only one kind of Tamarind tree, but apparently there's more than one kind of Tamarind product. This is the sweet kind. Tamarind is the key ingredient in Wustershur Wustershire Warchestershire Lea and Perrins. It can also be purchased refined into cake form. I bought some once and it wasn't what I expected from knowing about this stuff here. I find the taste of this boxed Tamarind pods intriguing, a bit addictive. It's like sticky candy and it would be great to sweeten sauces, apart from Lea and Perrins, I do believe that's how it's used. Found at the Asian market. You should buy some.

box of sweet tamarind

sweet tamarind full pods

sweet tamarind barely broken broken

sweet tamarind fully broken open exposing gooey good part and fiber

sweet tamarind pod, half eaten

fully eaten

They're a bit addictive. Start a another.

tamarind pod, addictive, new one started

Unrelated to Tamarind, balcony photo of angry storm clouds rolling over Colorado mountains darkening the sky and threatening my dryness.

September storm from balcony, animated gif, unrelated to tamarind

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dick said...

Saw this on another website where the guy is almost as demented as you (in a nice way) and thought it sounded like just your thingy:


It sounds fantastic to me. I find that I have gotten so many ideas for weird things to try from your messing around that I will be busy cooking for the next couple of years. Great stuff you make and combinations I would never have thought of. Found you from the junk you do for Althouse who is a daily read of mine.

Passed your blogsite URL to a friend of mine and he said it was worth reading just because of the name.

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