birthday cake

Boxed cake, prepared frosting.  Four layers, alternating lemon/chocolate, the chocolate layers infused with Grand Marnier.  Mandarin Orange filling, glaze made from the syrup. Lettering, chocolate ganache from chocolate chips and heavy cream squeezed from a plastic sandwich bag.


Well, there you have it.  All I can add at this point nyom nom nom nyom *licks fingers* nyom non nom  nyon is it's abso nyom nyom nom nom  smack lutely nom nom nom delicious.


Joan said...

mmmmm ganache

Ralph L said...

If you'd put on your bee costume for the party, you would have had the extra thrill of cannibalism.

kentuckyliz said...

Mmmm chip ahoy I think I'm in love with you!!!!

Amazing cake.

I whipped up a cake this evening--small box of golden yellow snack cake mix, doctored up with 2 ripe mashed bananas, some vietnamese cinnamon, and some sicilian extract stuff that is sorta floral and citrusy.

OMG it was awesome.

Deb said...


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