Maple Leaf roasted duck

The duck has boiled water poured over the skin to tighten it. The skin is punctured repeatedly to drain fat, without  poking the meat. 

* orange zest
* half an orange for the cavity
* half an onion for the cavity
* crushed garlic
* heavy thyme
* olive oil

All that rubbed inside and out.

The salad is from Taste of Philly across the street and I must say it's very good. 


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

When I saw the title I was thinking: "Where did he get maple leaves this time of year and who knew they were good for cooking..."

Still, looks like a success.

As for dry ice (which is why you bought these ducks in the first place) I see it for sale in some supermarkets. They have a specialty ice chest for it usually. You should be able to get it.

mr said...

I hope that this means you have licked the flu.

On second thought, don't lick the flu.

Just get better.

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