roasted tomato and red bell pepper soup with dumplings

This is the soup that is sold nowadays that comes in soft packages like quarts of milk and that are slowly taking the place of tinned soup.

The dumplings are full of butter cut into pats and smashed into cold flakes coated with flour the same way as pie crust except this has baking powder and baking soda to react with the acid in sour cream, the only liquid used this time, instead of buttermilk. The dumplings are loaded with tarragon. They are light as air even with all that butter and they are wonderful.

The thing is, I just now saw Jacques Pepin make this same thing from scratch. He cut and boiled red bell peppers and then tomatoes and then he ran all that through a food mill. I think he added cream.

And the whole time I was going, "Come on, Jacques, take it from the people who originated the tomato and chile peppers. They'll tell you to roast both items for deep flavor." No matter how fresh and wonderful his ingredients, this soup is better because the tomatoes and pepper are roasted.

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