Potato chips

This is one potato of chips. Sliced into cold water to rid them of surface starch.

The temperature is lower than usual, 300-325℉ to allow time for the chips to dehydrate before turning brown. When the bubbles stop then they're crisp.

I bought a handy wire basket, but I've used a regular strainer, to take these chips when they stop bubbling. They're tossed and salted batch by batch and then added to the glass bowl. The chips sit salted in the strainer until the next batch. The bowl slowly fills until all the batches are processed.

A pot of oil works as well. It has the advantage of being able to hold all the chips under the oil all at once. They bubble like mad then suddenly stop. In the pan, the chips are continuously flipped and the oil continuously aggitated.

These chips are cut so thinly on the mandolin, so light and crisp, you can eat like five at a time.

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