A salad so simple that nothing extra can interfere, not even a plate!

Cucumber, tomato, mozzarella, pecans. 

Broken dressing, olive oil and incredibly delicious, carefully aged, and ridiculously expensive balsamic that I only share with special guests, like me, when me is unusually well behaved and smells nice, and myself, when myself has performed some praiseworthy deed, or I, whenever the impulse strikes I which turns out to be not all that often. 'Broken dressing' means no attempt is made to combine ingredients.

Okay, now LOOK!  I turned up the brightness on this laptop monitor by double which is still only half way and now my eyes are BUGGIN' ! Pictures, especially faces, are looking amazingly 3D.

The effect occurs mostly where contrasty detail is next to out of focus area. The focused area pops forward. Portions of the popped forward areas pop closer than other popped forward areas, which is simply stunning.

This picture is doing it. The three cucumber sticks with pepper on them are freaking me out.  

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