rhubarb cobbler

Dessert that I brought home from a party.

Other warm up items at the same party.  

Mike's Mike's Mike's

There were other food items that came out later, fine things, mighty fine things, but by then the camera was set down. I was particularly taken with a cabbage slaw with all kinds of unexpected things in it, raspberry, blueberry, orange segments. 

I am just flat not hungry right now.  So I've been nibbling away like a little mouse. Half my weight in seeds a day.   

Instead, would you like to see a few things wot I made then mailed?  Three birthdays coming up in a few days for relatives of female persuasion. Three copies of the same card were produced then mailed to opposite parts of the country.

If you would care to see,  a pop-up card for you


Lem said...

Hi Chip

I was wondering if you have ever tried Tres Leches.

Its just delicious.

Lem said...

Let me know if you make one via email.. I work odd hours now.. I'm mostly not around the Internets.


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