The picture in my mind is an oversized platter with two thin slips of salmon in a broad pool of translucent lemon sauce and sparse nearly completely cooked vegetables here and there glistening with sauce, and then incongruently, a few shell pasta pieces. 

Note to self: bigger platter, broader view. 

Ever since I read that thing about pad Thai followed by a comment that was more helpful than the article itself, I find myself asking, "Is this two-dimensional?" And if so then I seek to punch it out at least one more direction, usually along familiar lines, chile pepper flakes in this case. Often the missing dimension is butter or some kind of alcohol. 

This plate is graced with both cilantro and mint. Not just for green specks, they actually do mingle and alter the flavor of the areas of their propinquity so that each forkful is different yet similar, and because I have both herbs on hand. 

Lemon sauce:

* 1/2 cup water
*  1 tablespoon butter
*  1 level tablespoon sugar
*  1/16 teaspoon salt
*  lemon, juice of one whole lemon
* 1 heaped teaspoon corn starch
* 1/4 teaspoon mixed chile pepper flakes

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