BurgerFi, a new place that opened recently next door. There is only one BurgerFi outlet in Colorado presently, apparently five more are in planning.

Two single cheeseburgers, one extra crispy fries, cost: $12.86


Rob said...

Those branded hamburger buns add a lot of expense.

Chip Ahoy said...

Novelty, yes.

I'm surprised how good these burgers are. Better than I do myself. I notice on their menu a Wagyu option, hardly any more expensive.

They also have extravagant shakes. They offer beer and wine too.

Their fries, eh. Too much, I threw out half mine.

I recommend trying them out.

rcocean said...

Looks great. I'll give them a try, although there's not that much difference between a great Hamburger and an OK Hamburger - IMO.

Its sorta like Pumpkin Pie.

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