sourdough bread

Fierce Denver sourdough starter raised on whole wheat but applied to all white flour. 

That is the bread-equivalent of an alligator chomping through marshmallows. The wet sponge was prepared earlier and set inside the refrigerator to ferment. I lost interest in bread altogether right then and the sponge languished for over a week. That would make the loaves overly uncomfortably sour X3 or X4. The flour in the sponge was exhausted. The whole pile of dough went limp and cannot be restrengthened with incremental increase in flour, but it can be used to start a whole new batch as if from the beginning. So, this is half overly fermented over sour sponge mixed with brand new sponge. Even then the dough was still limp. I did not expect so much oven rise that the stretchy skin explodes open and the whole cloche fill up inside the hot oven nearly lifting its own lid. I haven't tasted it yet. 

This is half the overly fermented sponge. The other half is frozen. That will get the same treatment, but slashed when baked to prevent this unsightly splitting. 

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