chocolate chip cookies

Coffee enhances chocolate. So does vanilla. Cinnamon because, eh, why not? 

Tonight, of the reasonable spices considered and rejected were, nutmeg, mace, cardamon, clove, allspice, ginger, cayenne. No mint.

No raisins this time, no craisins, no currants, dried mango, apricot, banana.

I am sticking to a basic recipe this time except for these two things and only in trace amounts. 

Chocolate chip cookies come out of me like breathing, they drip from my fingertips. Were I to spin around there'd be a chocolate chip tornado picked up by Doppler radar. 

Here's the thing, any recipe on the back of a sack of chocolate chips will do. You will notice the amount of chips called for equals one and a half bags of chocolate chips. Clever of them, eh? 

The recipe will also call for two sticks of butter. 

That makes it easy to half the recipe by using one stick instead, and 3/4 bag of chocolate chips instead. One egg instead of two. 3/4 cup both white and brown sugar combined instead of 3/4 cup both types sugar. Resist falling into their trap of producing more cookies than needed. 

Half recipe makes about one dozen nice size cookies. This made fourteen. 

Three bags of chips and double the recipe, and use a whole pound of butter instead of two sticks for four dozen cookies instead of two dozen. 

But why make so many, you got a Cub Scout den meeting to host? 

A family that doesn't get enough sugar? Spin around, another dozen spills out of you.

Just as I am writing this I notice an ad on t.v. depicting a family cheerfully lovingly making cookies, women gleefully making them, impressed males enjoying eating them, everyone smiling,  and then they show M&M type chocolate chips and commercial refrigerator dough as if their dough and candy chocolate chips are the only way to achieve cookies that predated their intervening products. They interject themselves between you and cookies and depict families having homemade cookies insinuating the only way possible by their intervening industrialized commercial heavily marketed products.

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jaed said...

You can freeze chocolate chip cookie dough. (Or most any butter/egg/flour type cookie.) Make the dough, portion it out onto a baking sheet covered in waxed paper, freeze solid, then put the balls in a ziplock.

Then months later take out a couple of them, bake 25 degrees lower than normal for an extra 5 minutes, and you have Instant Fresh Cookies.

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