Anasazi beans, red Swiss chard

Not shown: one roughly diced medium onion, one smashed and diced garlic clove, peppercorns, bay leaves. 

The beans soak up more than double their bulk of water readily within just a few hours. This suggests how fast they will cook. Much faster than ordinary beans. Everything cooked the same time, a little over an hour. 

They tasted excellent somewhat sweet but weakly one dimensional. The broth too watery.

Additions to punch out the profile without going overboard: salt, a few pinches dry oregano, chile flakes, rice vinegar, additional grinds of pepper, and butter for additional body. 

That did it, and Boy, did that do it.  I could not keep off this stuff even after I was full. I refilled my bowl and went back and filled it a third time. There is hardly any left worth saving, but there is no way the remainder will waste. I can not wait to hit this again and I never do that, eat beyond being sated, much less beyond being full. I'm just not that kind of pig, but tonight with this stuff I am. 

I am trying to convey as a meal it is quite good, and not just as a side.

Maybe I should cook the stems too.

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