breadsticks, bacon and cheese with chipotle

Basically, cheese and flour, nearly 50/50 by weight. This time I used more cheese than ever before, and that much fat amounts to a cracker dough. It's bread, though, with yeast and water. 

These are more crude than usual due to bacon bits inside. Children could do as well rolling them out into snake forms. 

There were four trays of ten breadsticks each. I use plastic storage boxes that by happy accident are the same dimensions as the trays. Upside down they make great proofing boxes. And I have a lot of trays too, so, all four trays at once. 

They bake as bread in 12 minutes. Two trays at a time, switched racks in the oven at 6 minutes. 

But they are not dry enough at that point. So, all 4 trays are baked again to make them crisp.

But that is insufficient. There is still some moisture left and not snappy enough. They are baked on low again for a mere 5 minutes. 

There is a difference between heat drying and plain drying by becoming stale. Nonetheless, the next day they are completely dry and weightless as balloons with sufficient oil from cheese and bacon to be incredibly delicious. I can easily eat 10 one right after the other. They're amazing. Honestly, the best breadsticks I've ever eaten, and that's no exaggeration either. 

You might like them better more refined than this, more subtle cheese, more subtle chipotle and no rough bacon. But how I do love these clumsy things. I'd be satisfied with these for my dinner.

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