scrambled eggs

Prepared as a failed broken Hollandaise sauce with a lot less butter and finished with sour cream in place of starting with vinegar, as with mayonnaise, or lemon juice as with Hollandaise.

Start with chunk of cold butter and a few eggs and, whip, scrap, stir constantly. Observe the butter melt and lift off the heat at first sign of coagulation, keep stirring, and set the pot or pan down again.

They cook in a minute. Maybe two. Stirring continuously on and off the heat, the eggs thicken and eventually curd. You decide how far to take this, how thick a sauce, how much curd to allow to form, how dry the whole mixture. It does go very fast. The action is stopped by adding crème fraîche or sour cream.

Hold off on adding salt until the end because salt causes the egg to go runny.

I swear, you'll never make them the dry, non-sauce way again. 

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