polenta with cheese and hot chile powder

And butter, of course, a lot of butter. More than you'd put on a corn on the cob.

You know what? Poaching an egg is actually easier than frying one. My family never picked up this technique. Their method of poaching involved a special pan with tiny triangular cups and those are the worst. Water with vinegar added keeps the albumen from spreading. Lifting out with an ordinary spoon allows trimming by running the edge of the spoon with the white hanging off around the inside of the pot. Simple as that and the extra egg white drops back into the water and you have a spoonful of mostly egg yolk with no extra white spreading all over the place. Basically, a bladder of yolk. Try it and you'll go, "Aw Man, this is ace!" 

Polenta, made to order, such as you never get anywhere.

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