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This is at home, not at Torchy's ↑
This is at Torchy's ↓

I want to reiterate why I love young people so hard, why I think Millennials are so splendid. 

First, they are incredibly hard working. Every person there is. 

Mistakes happen, as they do. I ordered a taco and guacamole for there plus one to go. The young men are flying around the place like crazy. Its a large space. Earlier there were people all over. It is a high energy place. They said the wait will be fifty minutes, but they always say that nowadays for everything. They under promise and over deliver. My guacamole was there in five minutes or so and another waiter brought out my to-go bag in eight minutes. I did not know they erred and put both tacos in the bag so I waited. I didn't even check.

I told a third waiter what happened and he ordered another crossroads taco. Then I looked in the bag and saw there were two in there. I didn't even think of looking before speaking. I assumed they were still operating under the fifty minute estimation. The original waiter brought a second crossroads taco, again in another take-out bag. 

I felt like an ass. They were giving me a taco for free. I gave the guy more money than they cost and he refused it. "Naw, that's okay, don't do that." 

"I must. Here, take this for a tip then." We see how hard they work all night long. 

I got up to exit and as I approached the door this young woman pictured above leapt up from her table to rush to the door, "Let me get that for you." 

"Aw. How sweet!" 

     "Of cooouuuurrrrse." 

She opened the door. "That really is sweet of you." 

     "Of cooouuuurrrrse." 

Standing, this young woman is the vision of Godiva. I mean it. I'm not exaggerating. She's flawless. 

You know, I can handle doors just fine. Honestly, I really do not need any help. 

This is how they are. Nothing at all as I read online. This is my experience with them every single day and I mean it. They're aware of their surroundings, they are not self-involved, they are considerate and thoughtful of others. They are to me. This is why I love them. I experience their grace firsthand even when they're enjoying their friends. They are beautiful.

Parents, you raised your kids right. 

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